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Hi there, I'm Mandana! Grow Through Life is my Psychology Practice based in Luxembourg where I offer therapy sessions. Over the years, this safe space has been filled with life, stories, healing, and connection - which I feel extremely grateful to have been let into and part of. I hope to contribute to spreading love and healing into our world, support people through their experiences, and help them come to a place where they feel empowered, at peace, and fulfilled. I hope that the information on this website gives you an insight into what I do, and you are welcome to contact me to find out more. I wish you all the best and I look forward to welcome you here.

We can GO through life or we can learn from our experiences and GROW through life, and that is what my work is all about: Helping you grow through life's ups and downs.


Psychology looks to the past to understand the present, coaching looks to the present to create a better future. My approach is an integrative one that draws upon a range of therapeutic orientations to better support individuals in creating healing, growth and a more fulfilling life overall. Everyone goes through mental health and wellbeing challenges, and my top priorities are to: 1) create a safe, loving, and confidential space where you feel comfortable to talk about your concerns and feel unconditionally accepted; 2) provide guidance and support through difficult and good times in order to improve your wellbeing and create long-lasting change.

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Every person brings their own story, unique experiences and needs which are always at the centre of each session. Together, we look at understanding your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and how your experiences are affecting you, always with the goal of learning and growing from each experience. We focus on creating change from within which then radiates externally into all areas of your life. We look to gain increasing self-awareness and build strong internal foundations so that when obstacles arise, you can face them with trust, compassion and confidence in yourself.

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